Mirrowcars today - is not a big company that realistically assesses their strength and has no plans be an independent automaker.

The role of Mirrowcars, as we see it, centers around being a licensing partner granting the rights to use our concept for the existing and future automobile companies. Or, for example, in cooperation with a large-scale chemical concern our role could involve manufacture and supply of ready-made polymer car bodies created on the base of our concept considering, nevertheless, an individual brand design for each cars company.

We see our task in uniting of our solutions with the capabilities and experience of the chemical concern and car companies, which successfully work in different countries. That will provide for the customers the necessary warranty and quality after-sales service, as in the Mercedes-Benz did with the Smart.

And we hope that a more efficient use of city roads, will help to preserve for us and future generations, those fantastic emotions and feelings that are generated by private cars to their owners, and public transport will not be able to win the final victory.
Alexander Malyshev
Author of the solutions and design,
founder of the Mirrowcars

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